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    AWS training in Bangalore

    Enrolling in Learn More Technologies in Bangalore will be one of the good profession choices for Cloud Computing aspirants to learn about AWS services. The training will inculcate students with a sound facts of all the cloud computing concepts that will help them to switch and work with Amazon Web Services efficiently. The training program includes extensive hands-on practices for students to comprehensively enhance their technical information so they conclusively achieve expertise in both theory as well as technical concepts.

    • Easy Online Learning Platform
    • 98% Course Completitation Rates
    • Friendly Enviroments & Teachers
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    Overview Of AWS Cloud Training Course In Bangalore

    This course is best for freshers & professionals who wants to learn & start their career in AWS Cloud in Bangalore. It is also ultimate for professionals who want to gain their cloud computing skills. Practical oriented course materials, Certified trainers, Internship support and course completion certifications are also available.

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    What is AWS

    Amazon web service is a subsidiary of amazon as a word leader in cloud computing market right it was launched way back in 2006 when no company had the cloud computing business model it took the risk and now today 70 % of the whole cloud computing market is residing on Aws so now you can imagine how big the professor talking about the company who are on Aws let look at companies some of the prominent companies were using the Aws infrastructure like adobe, Netflix. Airbnb and so on. that provides on demand cloud computing platform to individuals, best place to learn Aws Training in Marathahalli, Bangalore, companies, and governments on a paid subscription basics with a free tier option available for 12 months.

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    Why we Use AWS?

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    Various Certifications in AWS domain

    These are one of the certifications that offers maximum pay and are reliable and are perfectly designed. The best and most capable jobs that are offered by AWS and its certification trainings, both core and speciality certifications are:

    • SysOps administrator
    • Cloud sales and purchase manager
    • Cloud key account manager
    • AWS networking specialist
    • AWS big data specialist
    • AWS cloud architect
    • Cloud developer
    • Cloud DevOps engineer
    • Cloud software engineer
    • AWS system integrator
    Why Choose Us

    Benefits of learning AWS Cloud

    With AWS training from Learn More Technologies ,you will be able to tap into the talented sector of cloud computing and improve your chances of securing a high-paying job easily. The opportunities for a cloud professional with AWS training and certification from a supposed institute like ours will enable you to acquire a job at top tech and software companies in India & abroad

    Overview Of AWS Cloud Training Course In Bangalore

    This course is best for freshers & professionals who wants to learn & start their career in AWS Cloud in Bangalore. It is also ultimate for professionals who want to gain their cloud computing skills. Practical oriented course materials, Certified trainers, Internship support and course completion certifications are also available.

    Classroom Training

    • Interactive Classroom Training Sessions
    • More than 40+ Hrs of Practical Learning
    • Delivered by MNC Working Professionals
    • Real time AWS Services and Projects
    • AWS Certification Assistance will be given
    • Excellent Classrooms Infrastructure
    • 100 % Job Placement assistance for all the courses.
    • Four to five students per batch.
    • Doubts will be cleared in real-time experiences.

    Online Training

    • Interactive Zoom or Skype live Training Sessions
    • More than 40+ Hrs of Practical Learning
    • Delivered by MNC Working Professionals
    • Real time AWS Services and Projects
    • AWS Certification Assistance will be given
    • Life time Access to Recorded Sessions.
    • 100 % Job Placement assistance for all the courses.
    • Doubt Clearing Sessions will be valid.
    • Regular assignments will be given and tasks as well.

    Why AWS is more Popular nowadays?

    Learn from today

    Why should you take AWS?

    • Certification in AWS has been considered as one among the one top rated IT certifications.
    • AWS Architect is offered an average sound income of minimum $125K
    • Massive investment of $370 billion promises AWS to be the most consistent career option and cloud service alike.
    • Cloud computing is suitable a necessity.
    • There are about 6-12 times more vacancies accessible for the job seekers as the available number of professionals doesn’t meet the demand.
    • By attaining a certified AWS training you can proficiently design, plan and scale the AWS implementation over 70 cloud services present today.
    • Getting training in AWS certification offers you a high outline with much authenticity and also assure a great learning experience.
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    Who should take up this AWS Course?

    • Solutions Architects or Programmers looking to put up SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS applications or migrate data to AWS from offered data centers.
    • Both System Administrators and Network Administrators
    • Freshers and professionals looking to improve their skills in the cloud computing domain can take up this AWS Solutions Architect certification curriculum.

    Projects /Assignments Covered In AWS Course

    Benefits of learning AWS Cloud

    Migrate on-premises virtual machine to AWS


    Trainer Profile of AWS Training in Bangalore

    • More than 7+ being of Experience.
    • Taught more than 2000+students in an exceedingly year.
    • Strong abstract & Practical Knowledge.
    • Expert Professionals with High position.
    • Expert level Subject Knowledge and fully advanced on real-world industry applications.
    • Trainers are expert on multiple real-time projects in their Industries.
    Software Testing Training in BTM

    AWS Related job roles

    • AWS Cloud Administrator
    • Cloud Infrastructre Engineer 
    • AWS DevOps Engineer
    • AWS Administrator
    • Cloud Engineer
    • Cloud Administrator
    • Operational Support Engineer
    • Cloud Architect
    • Cloud Consultant

    What are the skills covered In AWS training ?

    • For creating & managing EC2 instances
    • For AWS architechure & planning
    • To design & Implement S3 storage
    • Virtual Private Cloud
    • Security, Identity & compliance management
    • RDS Database
    • For AWS Cost management
    • For AWS-Cloud Formation
    • For AWS-Cloud Front
    • For Load-balancing & Auto Scaling
    • Networking in AWS

    AWS Certifications & Exams

    An AWS specialist will be given the duty of designing scalable, cheap and fault-tolerant systems that can run on AWS.

    After completing the course you will be ready for:
    •  AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Certification and
    •  AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Certification

    We will also conduct you for the AWS certification exam

    AWS is a globally standard certification course, most of the employers wish this certification before hiring cloud staff.

    Apart from in advance all the skills, you would need to become a master of AWS cloud; you will also have access to the student web portal, digital course materials and flexible class timings.

    Yes definitely, All students from Learn More Technologies get either hard copy or soft copy of the course completion certificate.

    The examination fee / voucher for the AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification exam is $150.

    AWS Certifications & Exams

    • Installation, Package Selection
    • Anatomy of a Kick start File, Command line
    • Introduction to Bash Shell
    • System Initialization, Starting the Boot Process: GRUB

    • Understanding different types of groups and the creation of groups
    • Creation of users in different groups
    • Understanding Password, Shadow Files
    • Understanding password aging
    • Creation of quotas for users, groups, and file systems
    • Understanding users security files
    • The different commands for Monitoring the users
    • Automation of jobs

    • Understanding the different types of run-levels
    • Understanding different
      types of shutdown commands
    • Understanding run control scripts
    • Understanding the different types

    • FTP
    • DHCP
    • DNS
    • Apache
    • Samba
    • LVM

    • Virtualization and cloud computing
    • Types of virtualization
    • Virtualization
    • Hypervisor
    • Benefits
    • Vendors

    • Introduction to AWS Elastic computing
    • Introduction to the AWS products
    • Regions and Availability Zones
    • Signing up for AWS
    • AWS Free Usage tier
    • Introduction AWS management console

    • Understanding AMI
    • Launching your first AWS instance
    • On-demand Instance pricing
    • Reserved Instance pricing
    • Spot instance pricing
    • Setting up security
    • Security groups
    • Choosing & Creating a new AMI
    • Public and Private IP’s
    • Deploying a new instance from the created AMI
    • Key Pairs
    • Elastic IP’s
    • ELB (Elastic Load Balancer)

    • Introduction to Scaling
    • Components and types of load balancing

    • Get Started with Auto Scaling Using the Console
    • Maintain a Fixed Number of Running EC2 Instances
    • Dynamic Scaling
    • The lifecycle of auto-scaling
    • Policies of auto-scaling

    • Create EBS volumes
    • Delete EBS Volumes
    • Attach and detach EBS
    • Mounting and unmounting EBS volume
    • Creating and deleting snapshots
    • Creating volumes from snapshots S3(Simple Storage Service)

    • S3 durability and redundancy
    • S3 Buckets
    • S3 Uploading Downloading
    • S3 Permissions
    • S3 Object Versioning
    • S3 Lifecycle Policies
    • Storage Gateway
    • Import Export
    • S3 Transfer Acceleration
    • Glacier storage

    • Use of cloud front
    • Creating a cloud front
    • Hosting a website of cloud front distribution
    • Implementing restrictions
    • Configuring origins and behaviors

    • Creating zones
    • Hosting a website
    • Understanding routing
    • Weighted simple and failover policies

    • Creating Users and Groups
    • Applying policies
    • Password Policy
    • Roles

    • Security Practices for Cloud Deployment
    • AWS Responsibilities and Securities
    • Cloud Trail
    • Trust advisor

    • Introduction to Amazon
      Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
    • VPC Advantages
    • Default and Non-default VPC
    • Components of VPC
    • Direct Connect
    • Describe, create, and manage Amazon Virtual Private Cloud
    • Amazon VPC, Private Subnet and Public Subnet
    • AWS Networking, Security Groups and Network ACLs
    • Configuration and management of VPN connectivity
    • Subnet and Subnet Mask

    • Introduction to RDS
    • Different database services of AWS: Amazon RDS, Dynamo DB, Redshift etc.
    • Configuring the database
    • Configuring backups
    • Configuring the maintenance windows
    • Connecting to the database

    • Creating a dynamo dB
    • Configuring alarms
    • Adding data manually

    • Cloud watch dashboard
    • Configuring Monitoring services
    • Setting thresholds
    • Configuring actions
    • Creating a cloud watch alarm
    • Getting statistics for ec2 instances
    • Monitoring other AWS services
    • Configuring Notifications
    • Integrating cloud watch with Autoscaling
    • Cloud Trail

    • What is SNS
    • Creating a topic
    • Create subscription
    • Subscribed to the subscription
    • SQS
    • SES

    • Troubleshooting EC2
    • Troubleshooting using Cloud watch
    • Troubleshooting using ELB
    • Troubleshooting by using Cloud trail
    • Troubleshooting by using Cloud front

    • Backup and Disaster Recovery
    • How to manage Disaster Recovery and Backups
    • Best Practice for DR and Backups
    • AWS High availability Design

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