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Devops training in BTM

Enrolling at Learn More Technologies in Bangalore is a strategic choice for those aiming to become skilled DevOps engineers , Situated in BTM, our DevOps training provides students with a comprehensive understanding of essential tools and services in the field. Through hands-on exercises, students elevate their technical skills, ensuring a solid grasp of both theoretical knowledge and practical concepts. Experience top-notch DevOps training in BTM with us. DevOps Certification course provide essential skills for mastering the principles and practices of DevOps methodologies. DevOps Training in BTM : CI/CD pipelines, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Terraform.

  • Online Learning Platform with a 98% Course Completion Rate
  • Enjoy a Supportive Environment with Friendly Instructors
  • Gain Mastery in Continuous Integration and Deployment through DevOps Training in BTM.

Is DevOps Right for You?

Our training program is tailored for aspiring students striving for prestigious IT placements, but its impact extends far beyond DevOps Training in BTM. It's a game-changer for diverse IT professionals, such as system administrators, solution architects, security engineers, integration experts, software testers, and application developers. If you're seeking to enrich your skill set and delve into the core principles of DevOps, this course promises substantial value.

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Unlocking the Power of DevOps

DevOps stands as a transformative paradigm revolutionizing the creation and management of applications with unparalleled efficiency. Join us at Learn More Technologies, DevOps Training in BTM, where you’ll immerse yourself in the dynamic realm of DevOps, delving into containerization, automation, and an array of pivotal roles and modules. Our specialized DevOps Training in BTM, Bangalore, goes beyond the basics, offering an in-depth exploration of critical subjects. DevOps Certification equips pros, streamlines dev & deployment.

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DevOps Training in BTM
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DevOps Training in BTM Course Objectives

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Why Learn DevOps with Us?

Embrace the evolving IT landscape. Our DevOps training in BTM provides a gateway to high-demand DevOps roles, offering practical skills and real-world experiences. Ready to elevate your career? Enroll now in our DevOps training in BTM and chart a course towards a future-ready IT career!

  • DevOps proves highly accessible, making the learning journey enjoyable and straightforward.
  • Enroll in our training to catapult your career prospects, increasing your chances of landing lucrative positions in top-tier MNCs.
  • Receive a prestigious course completion certificate, elevating your job prospects and simplifying your job search.
  • Our program is designed to support your career growth, providing the tools and knowledge to boost your professional trajectory.
  • Immerse yourself in a learning experience that offers extensive exposure to a myriad of trending tools and technologies.
  • A DevOps certification holds substantial value, surpassing many other qualifications in the competitive job market.

At the end of the course, you will acquire the following skills

Embark on a transformative journey with our Online DevOps training in BTM, Bangalore, and emerge equipped with an array of coveted skills, setting you apart in the eyes of prestigious employers.Securing a valid DevOps certificate is a game-changer, simplifying your job search and amplifying your career prospects. Upon successful completion of our DevOps Training in BTM, you'll not only possess valuable skills but also hold a certification that adds substantial weight to your professional profile. DevOps course encompasses automation, collaboration, transformational skills. Best DevOps course , DevOps Training in BTM integrates advanced automation techniques, effective collaboration methods, and revolutionary transformational approaches

  • Upon course completion, you’ll grasp that DevOps transcends beyond a job; it’s a cultural approach. This realization emphasizes the importance of its diverse cultural aspects.

  • Upon training completion, you’ll acquaint yourself with various programming languages, gaining insights into both development and operations.
  • After familiarizing yourself with DevOps skills, the subsequent step involves understanding proper server management, encompassing knowledge of CPU, computer memory, and architecture.
  • Ensure a comprehensive understanding of HTTP, DNS, FTP, and various other protocols post-training. Shift focus towards establishing the infrastructure network accurately.

Embark on Classroom Training at Learn More Technologies:

  • Engage in Interactive Classroom Training Sessions
  • Immerse in over 40+ Hours of Practical Learning
  • Benefit from Experienced Delivery by MNC Working Professionals
  • Explore Real-time AWS Services and Projects
  • Receive Dedicated AWS Certification Assistance
  • Experience State-of-the-Art Classroom Infrastructure
  • Avail 100% Job Placement Assistance for All Courses
  • Enjoy Small Batch Sizes (Four to Five Students Per Batch)
  • Get Real-time Doubt Clearing Experiences

Engage in Online Training with Learn More Technologies:

  • Participate in Interactive Zoom or Skype Live Training Sessions
  • Immerse in over 40+ Hours of Practical Learning
  • Benefit from Experienced Delivery by MNC Working Professionals
  • Explore Real-time AWS Services and Projects
  • Receive Dedicated AWS Certification Assistance
  • Attain Lifetime Access to Recorded Sessions
  • Avail 100% Job Placement Assistance for All Courses
  • Benefit from Valid Doubt Clearing Sessions.
  • Receive Regular Assignments and Tasks for Continuous Learning

DevOps Job Responsibilities

Why Choose Us

Trainer Profile

  • We advocate a blended learning approach.
  • DevOps Training in BTM at Learn More Technologies impart market-relevant skills and industry-based projects to students, providing practical exposure to the tools and the subject.
  • Our trainers have over 12+ years of experience as DevOps Engineers, bringing valuable industry expertise to the learning experience.
  • Tutors at Learn More Technologies effectively teach the principles of continuous deployment and development, along with the practical application of DevOps tools.
  • Enhancing students’ knowledge with industry-relevant skills.
  • Trainers can offer students individual attention to clarify their doubts.
  • DevOps Training in BTM at Learn More Technologies provide support to students in Resume Building and Mock-interview training.

To Create and Execute a CI/CD Pipeline for an Application

Ensuring reliable software delivery is a core principle of DevOps, and automation plays a crucial role in achieving this. Learn to create and run a Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline to automate the software delivery process effectively.

To Deploy an Application (with High Availability) and Database

Applications are often deployed for high availability, ensuring uninterrupted access for users even if one instance crashes. Understand the deployment of applications with high availability, including database management. Implement software configuration across environments using configuration-as-code principles and build infrastructure as code.

For Jenkins CI/CD in Kubernetes Container Deployments

Embark on a DevOps real-time project and explore 100% real-time DevOps tools integration with Git, SonarQube, JFrog, Jenkins, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes, and Tomcat. Gain hands-on experience in deploying applications with containerization using Kubernetes for efficient CI/CD in Jenkins.

DevOps Training outcomes

  • DevOps is recognized as one of the most challenging and sought-after IT talents.
  • According to a CA report, 80% of Fortune organizations worldwide were expected to adopt DevOps technologies by the end of 2019.
  • The DevOps market size is projected to reach $12.85 billion by the year 2025, as indicated by Grand View Research, Inc.
  • The average salary for DevOps professionals in the USA is $140,002.
  • The demand for DevOps Engineers has witnessed a remarkable 225% increase in job postings on Indeed.
  • Over 1,500 candidates have successfully completed DevOps training and are now employed in top multinational companies.

A career in DevOps

  • According to the institution providing DevOps training in Bangalore, possessing DevOps knowledge can lead to an attractive salary from companies, given the high demand for it in the IT industry. Many businesses prefer DevOps as their primary approach.
  • Earning a DevOps certification can significantly increase job opportunities in both IT companies and multinational corporations, with potential job hikes reaching up to 75%. Given the current trend, numerous companies are actively seeking DevOps professionals for their organizations at DevOps Training In BTM.

Devops Syllabus

Version control systems

  • First Stage: Starting the Installation 
  • First Stage: Boot Media
  • Accessing the Installer
  • First Stage: Installation Method 
  • Network Installation Server 
  • Second Stage: Installation Overview
  • Configuring File Systems 
  • Advanced Partitioning 
  • Package Selection 
  • First Boot: Post-Install Configuration 
  • Starting a Kickstart Installation
  • Anatomy of a Kickstart File

Installing Git

  • Creating repository
  • Cloning, check-in and committing
  •  Fetch pull and remote
  • Branching

Jenkins – Continuous Integration

  • Introduction to Jenkins
    • CI/CD Concepts • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery
  • Quiz: CI/CD Concepts
    • Installing and Configuring Jenkins • Prerequisites • Jenkins Install • The Dashboard • User Management and Security • Adding a Jenkins Slave • Setting Up GitHub • Plugin Manager
  • Exercise: Install a Jenkins Master and Prerequisites
  •  Exercise: Configuring Matrix-Based Security
    • Exercise: Add a Jenkins Slave
    • Exercise: Working with the Plugin Manager
    • Quiz: Installing and Configuring Jenkins
    • Projects
    • Freestyle Project Configuration
    • Source Code Management and the Git Plugin
    • Git Hooks and Other Build Triggers
    • Workspace Environment Variables
    • Parameterized Projects
    • Upstream/Downstream Projects and the Parameterized Trigger Plugin
    • Folders
    • Views
    • Exercise: Configure a Parameterized Freestyle Project?
    • Hands-on Labs: Configure a Jenkins Freestyle Project
    • Hands-on Labs: Jenkins Upstream and Downstream Projects with the Parameterized Trigger
    • Quiz: Projects
    • Pipelines
    • Our Java Pipeline Project
    • Docker Install
    • Installing and Configuring Ant
    • The Jenkinsfile
    • Configuring and Running a Pipeline
    • Artifacts and Fingerprints
    • Exercise: Build a Simple Pipeline Without SCM
    • Hands-on Labs: Configure a Jenkins Pipeline
    • Quiz: Pipelines
    • Testing With Jenkins
    • About Testing
    • Unit Testing with JUnit and Ant
    • Deploying to Apache
    • Functional Testing
    • Quiz: Testing With Jenkins
    • Pipeline Enhancements
    • Multibranch Pipelines and Code Promotion
    • Tagging
    • Notifications
    • Shared Pipeline Libraries
    • Exercise: Configure Notifications in a Pipeline
    • Hands-on Labs: Configure a Jenkins Multibranch Pipeline
    • Quiz: Pipeline Enhancements
    • Advanced Jenkins Administration
    • The Jenkins CLI
    • The Jenkins REST API
    • Setting Up a Jenkins Master with Docker
    • Exercise: Using the Jenkins CLI
    • Exercise: Using the Jenkins REST API
    • Quiz: Advanced Jenkins Administration

Ansible Duration:

  •  Introduction to Ansible
  •  Ansible Agentless Architecture
  •  Installation
  •  Ansible Inventories
  •  Ansible Modules
  •  Ansible Playbooks

Docker– Containers Introduction

  • What is a Docker
  •  Use case of Docker
  •  Platforms for Docker
  • Dockers vs Virtualization


  •  Docker Architecture.
  •  Important Docker components
  •  Understanding the Docker components


  •  Installing Docker on Linux.
  •  Understanding Installation of Docker on Windows.
  •  Some Docker commands.


  • Docker Hub.
  •  Downloading Docker images.
  •  Running Docker images
  •  Running commands in container.
  •  Running multiple containers.

Docker Networking

  •  Accessing containers
  •  Linking containers
  •  Exposing container ports
  •  Container Routing

Custom images

  • Creating a custom image.
  •  Running a container from the custom image.
  •  Publishing the custom image.

Conclusion: DevOps Training in BTM

Excel with DevOps Training in BTM

DevOps is emerging as a prominent player in the tech industry, with more businesses adopting its methodologies to enhance software creation and delivery processes. Considering DevOps Training in BTM is a strategic decision for several compelling reasons. DevOps is highly sought after, with many companies actively seeking professionals skilled in these practices, reflected in competitive compensation packages.

Our DevOps course is a comprehensive journey that covers essential areas such as automation, configuration management, cloud infrastructure, monitoring, logging, and more, significantly broadening your skill set. In the ever-evolving landscape of DevOps practices, our course ensures you grasp foundational principles and stay updated with the latest advancements, providing a secure foundation for your learning.

Upon completing our DevOps program, many exciting career opportunities become available. Roles like DevOps Engineer, Release Manager, Automation Architect, Cloud Engineer, and others await ambitious professionals. Enrolling in DevOps Training at Learn More Technologies in BTM, Bangalore can propel your career growth up the DevOps ladder.

Under the mentorship of seasoned professionals with extensive practical experience, our DevOps training in BTM provides comprehensive insights. Our instructors, with their wealth of practical knowledge, ensure you comprehend all facets of DevOps, blending theoretical knowledge with practical application. Interactive classes and hands-on projects enrich the learning experience, while real-life case studies make the training directly applicable to real-world scenarios, instilling confidence in the quality of your training.

Take the Next Step with DevOps Training in BTM

Seize the opportunity to propel your career with our DevOps Training in BTM. As the demand for skilled DevOps professionals continues to rise, mastering this field can unlock numerous career opportunities. Our comprehensive course provides the knowledge, skills, and certification readiness necessary to excel in the competitive tech industry. Enrol now and set the stage for a promising future.

At LearnMore Technology, we understand that theory is important, but practice is what sets you apart. That’s why our DevOps course offers hands-on practice alongside fundamental theory, catering to both beginners and corporate trainees. This practical approach not only enhances your learning but also your CV, positioning you for top roles in major international firms. Once you’ve completed our extensive training and practical projects, you’ll be awarded the certification that proves your skills.


At Learn More Technologies, we are committed to delivering comprehensive DevOps Training In BTM to ensure you meet industry requirements. Our specialized training equips you with a deep understanding of the DevOps framework,  empowering you to proficiently manage diverse IT operations within renowned software companies. Upon completion, you'll possess the skills necessary for DevOps roles in top multinational companies, elevating your IT proficiency. Enrich your capabilities with our exhaustive DevOps training in BTM. Dive into our DevOps Full Course for a holistic journey, spanning foundational concepts to advanced automation strategies.

Yahoo! Finances states that Ansible is one of the the majority successful GitHub open source automation projects with a large and involved group. New Ansible users will easily know and take advantage of seasoned Ansible users. This allows technology to work ever more quickly. DevOps Training in BTM

Red Hat has revealed that it could be acquiring the company’s IT automation software provider, Ansible, which assists businesses rising and running integrated IT processes through the cloud and on-site applications at DevOps Training In BTM.

Yes, we offer learning materials such as video lectures, assignments, interview preparation materials.

Yes we do provide efficient placement support for students enrolled for various courses. Our placement support entertains students to crack any interviews by precise mock interview preps. You’ll be able to work according to recruiting industry condition and comfortably accomplish your splendid career. DevOps Training in BTM

Our Institute was setting up in the year 2015 by a grouping of IT veterans with the aim to provide world-class IT Training. We are dynamically present in the training sector for more than a decade. DevOps Training in BTM

Learn More Technologies provide many suitable mode of training to the students like
• Classroom Training
• Live Instructor Online Training
• Customized Training
• One-One Training.


DevOps Training in BTM

DevOps Training in BTM
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Level up your career with LearnMore Technologies! Dive into our extensive courses crafted for certification and placement support. Enroll today in our affordable DevOps Training in BTM. Contact us now to begin your path to success!

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