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    Devops Training in Whitefield

    Enrolling in Learn More Technologies For Devops Training in Whitefield will be one of the good career choices for Devops engineer aspirants to learn more about devops tools and services. The will instill students with sound facts of all the tools that will help them to switch and work with services proficiently. The training program includes wide hands-on practices for students to comprehensively improve their technical information so they finally achieve expertise in both theory as well as technical concepts. Best Devops Training in Whitefield. Master the art of seamless software delivery with Devops Training in Whitefield, blending automation, collaboration, and efficiency. Transform your career with hands-on Devops Training in Whitefield. DevOps Certification Course equips professionals with the tools and knowledge needed to streamline software development and deployment processes.

    • Easy Online Learning Platform
    • 98% Course Completitation Rates
    • Friendly Enviroments & Teachers
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    Who should learn DevOps?

    At Learn More Technologies, we specialize in delivering comprehensive DevOps process automation training for individuals aspiring to secure positions in renowned IT companies. Our training program is well-suited for a diverse range of professionals, including IT professionals, system administrators, solution architects, security engineers, integration specialists, software testers, and application developers. Whether you are looking to enhance your skills or pivot your career path, our course is designed to cater to the needs of a broad spectrum of IT professionals. Join us to acquire the knowledge and expertise necessary for success in today's dynamic and competitive tech industry. Join DevOps Training in Whitefield to streamline workflows, enhance collaboration, and accelerate software deployment cycles. Future-proof your career with Devops Training in Whitefield. Specialized DevOps Training in Whitefield, Navigate efficient, agile landscapes. Specialized DevOps Training in Whitefield , Propel skills in dynamic, collaborative environments.

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    What is Devops

    Discover the world of DevOps through our specialized Devops Training in Whitefield specialized DevOps training: Propel skills in dynamic, collaborative environments.”, Bangalore, at Learn More Technologies. This program equips you with essential skills for building, integrating, and optimizing applications with excellence. Explore key concepts like the DevOps ecosystem, containerization, and automation, along with crucial roles and modules.

    During the training, delve into Chef, focusing on the open-source Chef Server. Uncover principles of continuous monitoring, essential in DevOps practices. The course also covers fundamental DevOps tools, including Puppet, SVN, Ansible, Nagios, and Maven.

    Join us in Whitefield, Bangalore, for hands-on learning, preparing you for success in the dynamic DevOps landscape. Elevate your skills with our DevOps training in Bangalore, ensuring readiness for opportunities in reputed IT companies. Propel your career forward with industry-relevant DevOps Training in Bangalore’s specialized DevOps training in Bangalore: Propel skills in dynamic, collaborative environments. Excel in IT operations with targeted DevOps Training in Bangalore. Unlock potential through our comprehensive DevOps Full course, delving into agile methodologies, CI, and cloud deployment.

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    Why should we learn DevOps?

    The IT industry is constantly developing, and we can give all the essential training on DevOps process automation. Our professionals know that how much IT companies greatly demand candidates who are well-trained in DevOps. So we endeavor to highlight the various reasons to take up the course of Devops Training in Whitefield. Transform your career with Devops Training in Whitefield, gaining expertise in automation, collaboration, and continuous improvement. Stay ahead in the tech race with DevOps Training in Bangalore. Master the art of seamless software development and deployment with DevOps Training in Bangalore. Embrace the Best DevOps Course journey ,covering everything from foundational concepts to advanced automation strategies.

    • DevOps is very easy to learn.
    • Enrolling in this training program will enhance your prospects of securing well-paying positions in leading multinational corporations.
    • Upon course completion, you will receive a certificate that will significantly boost your job prospects.
    • To assist you in boosting your career.
    • You’ll gain extensive exposure to a variety of trending tools and technologies.
    • A DevOps certification holds unparalleled value in comparison to various other qualifications.
    Why Choose Us

    At the end of the course, you will acquire the following skills

    As soon as you complete the Online DevOps Training in Whitefield from us, you will be able to get a maximum number of skills, which most of the supposed companies look for while hiring candidates. If you have a valid certificate in DevOps then it would be easier for you to get your preferred job. You will be able to get a few skills as soon as you finish the course training from Devops Training in Whitefield Boost your employability with Devops Training in Whitefield . Gain a competitive edge in the tech industry with DevOps Training in Bangalore comprehensive curriculum. DevOps Training in Whitefield Master in-demand skills, unlock career growth. DevOps Certification validates automation, collaboration, CI/CD skills. Level Up Your Skills DevOps Training in Whitefield for future-proof careers. From Novice to Rockstar: Fast-track your DevOps Training in Whitefield. Future-proof your IT career: Gain cutting-edgeDevops Training in Whitefield. Bridge the Gap, Seamless dev & ops synergy through DevOps Training in Whitefield. Fast-track your DevOps Training in Whitefield. Explore DevOps course for automation, collaboration, transformation.

    • Upon completing the course, you’ll understand that DevOps is a culture that precedes job roles. This understanding underscores the significance of various cultural aspects in the DevOps landscape.
    • Once you finish with the training, you will be able to be familiar with about the various programming languages, development as well as operations
    • After becoming familiar with DevOps skills, the next step is understanding the proper management of servers. This involves knowledge of CPU, computer memory, and architecture.
    • Ensure you acquire adequate knowledge on HTTP, DNS, FTP, and various other protocols. This knowledge is crucial for constructing the infrastructural network immediately after completing the training.

    Classroom Training

    • Interactive Classroom Training Sessions
    • More than 40+ Hrs of Practical Learning
    • Delivered by MNC Working Professionals
    • Real time AWS Services and Projects
    • AWS Certification Assistance will be given
    • Excellent Classrooms Infrastructure
    • 100 % Job Placement assistance for all the courses.
    • Four to five students per batch.
    • Doubts will be cleared in real-time experiences.

    Online Training

    • Interactive Zoom or Skype live Training Sessions
    • More than 40+ Hrs of Practical Learning
    • Delivered by MNC Working Professionals
    • Real time AWS Services and Projects
    • AWS Certification Assistance will be given
    • Life time Access to Recorded Sessions.
    • 100 % Job Placement assistance for all the courses.
    • Doubt Clearing Sessions will be valid.
    • Regular assignments will be given and tasks as well.

    DevOps Job Responsibilities

    Why Choose Us

    Trainer Profile

    • We confidently believe in a blended way of learning.
    • DevOps Trainers at Learn More Technologies trains the students with market-relevant skills and industry-based projects. This consequences in gaining the practical exposure to the tool and the subject.
    • Trainers are Industry experienced who had more than 12+ years of experience as a DevOps Engineer.
    • Tutors at Learn More Technologies trains the students capably about the principles of continuous deployment and development and the application of DevOps tools.
    • To enhances the knowledge of the students with Industry-relevant skills.
    • The trainers can provide student’s required individual attention to clarify their doubts.
    • DevOps Trainers in Bangalore at Learn More Technologies supports the students in Resume Building and Mock-interview training as well.

    Projects / Assignments

    To Create and run a CI/CD pipeline for an app

    For reliable delivery of software is one of the key tenets of DevOps; it’s one of the main reasons DevOps exists! So you need to know how to deliver software reliably through automation. Create

    To Deploy an application (with high availability) with a database

    Applications are frequently deployed with high availability, so that if one case of the app crashes, users can still access it.To manage software configuration across environments using configuration-as-code principles Build infrastructure as code

    For Jenkins CI/CD for Kubernetes container Deployments

    For DevOps Real-time Project.Explore 100% Real Time DevOps Tools Integration with Git, Sonar Qube, Jfrog,Jenkins, Ansible, Docker,Kubernetes, Tomcat.

    DevOps Training outcomes

    • 1% DevOps is most challenging IT talent.
    • CA report 80% of world Fortune Organization waited to get on DevOps Technologies by End Of 2019.
    • DevOps market Size likely $12.85 Billion by the year 2025 – Grand View Research, Inc.
    • Average DevOps salary in USA is $140,002.
    • The employment of DevOps Engineer has seen 225% height in marketing and posting on Indeed.
    • 1.5 K candidates has effectively finished DevOps coaching and are now in work for top MNC companies.

    A career in DevOps

    • Enrolling in our Devops Training in Whitefield can boost your earning potential, given the high demand for DevOps skills in the IT industry. Many companies prefer professionals with DevOps expertise, making it a valuable asset. As DevOps becomes a mainstream approach for businesses, having this proficiency can lead to attractive salary offers from companies seeking individuals with these sought-after skills.
    • Obtaining a DevOps certification can lead to a substantial increase in job opportunities, with IT companies and MNCs experiencing up to a 75% surge in demand. Given the current trend of DevOps, many companies actively seek DevOps professionals to enhance their workforce.

    Devops Syllabus

    Version control systems

    • First Stage: Starting the Installation 
    • First Stage: Boot Media
    • Accessing the Installer
    • First Stage: Installation Method 
    • Network Installation Server 
    • Second Stage: Installation Overview
    • Configuring File Systems 
    • Advanced Partitioning 
    • Package Selection 
    • First Boot: Post-Install Configuration 
    • Starting a Kickstart Installation
    • Anatomy of a Kickstart File

    Installing Git

    • Creating repository
    • Cloning, check-in and committing
    •  Fetch pull and remote
    • Branching

    Jenkins – Continuous Integration

    • Introduction to Jenkins
      • CI/CD Concepts • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery
    • Quiz: CI/CD Concepts
      • Installing and Configuring Jenkins • Prerequisites • Jenkins Install • The Dashboard • User Management and Security • Adding a Jenkins Slave • Setting Up GitHub • Plugin Manager
    • Exercise: Install a Jenkins Master and Prerequisites
    •  Exercise: Configuring Matrix-Based Security
      • Exercise: Add a Jenkins Slave
      • Exercise: Working with the Plugin Manager
      • Quiz: Installing and Configuring Jenkins
      • Projects
      • Freestyle Project Configuration
      • Source Code Management and the Git Plugin
      • Git Hooks and Other Build Triggers
      • Workspace Environment Variables
      • Parameterized Projects
      • Upstream/Downstream Projects and the Parameterized Trigger Plugin
      • Folders
      • Views
      • Exercise: Configure a Parameterized Freestyle Project?
      • Hands-on Labs: Configure a Jenkins Freestyle Project
      • Hands-on Labs: Jenkins Upstream and Downstream Projects with the Parameterized Trigger
      • Quiz: Projects
      • Pipelines
      • Our Java Pipeline Project
      • Docker Install
      • Installing and Configuring Ant
      • The Jenkinsfile
      • Configuring and Running a Pipeline
      • Artifacts and Fingerprints
      • Exercise: Build a Simple Pipeline Without SCM
      • Hands-on Labs: Configure a Jenkins Pipeline
      • Quiz: Pipelines
      • Testing With Jenkins
      • About Testing
      • Unit Testing with JUnit and Ant
      • Deploying to Apache
      • Functional Testing
      • Quiz: Testing With Jenkins
      • Pipeline Enhancements
      • Multibranch Pipelines and Code Promotion
      • Tagging
      • Notifications
      • Shared Pipeline Libraries
      • Exercise: Configure Notifications in a Pipeline
      • Hands-on Labs: Configure a Jenkins Multibranch Pipeline
      • Quiz: Pipeline Enhancements
      • Advanced Jenkins Administration
      • The Jenkins CLI
      • The Jenkins REST API
      • Setting Up a Jenkins Master with Docker
      • Exercise: Using the Jenkins CLI
      • Exercise: Using the Jenkins REST API
      • Quiz: Advanced Jenkins Administration

    Ansible Duration:

    •  Introduction to Ansible
    •  Ansible Agentless Architecture
    •  Installation
    •  Ansible Inventories
    •  Ansible Modules
    •  Ansible Playbooks

    Docker– Containers Introduction

    • What is a Docker
    •  Use case of Docker
    •  Platforms for Docker
    • Dockers vs Virtualization


    •  Docker Architecture.
    •  Important Docker components
    •  Understanding the Docker components


    •  Installing Docker on Linux.
    •  Understanding Installation of Docker on Windows.
    •  Some Docker commands.


    • Docker Hub.
    •  Downloading Docker images.
    •  Running Docker images
    •  Running commands in container.
    •  Running multiple containers.

    Docker Networking

    •  Accessing containers
    •  Linking containers
    •  Exposing container ports
    •  Container Routing

    Custom images

    • Creating a custom image.
    •  Running a container from the custom image.
    •  Publishing the custom image.


    Red Hat has revealed that it could be acquiring the company’s IT automation software provider, Ansible, which assists businesses rising and running integrated IT processes through the cloud and on-site applications. Harness the synergy of development and operations with specialized Devops Training in Whitefield .Collaborative Devops Training in Whitefield empowers teamwork, boosts performance.Achieve DevOps collaboration for efficient workflows Devops Training in Whitefield.Future-proof your career, lead the innovation charge with Devops Training in Whitefield.

    Yes, we offer learning materials such as video lectures, assignments, interview preparation materials. Elevate your career with comprehensive Devops Training in Whitefield, blending cutting-edge tools and methodologies. Future-proof your career withDevops Training in Whitefield dynamic learning environment.

    Yes we do provide efficient placement support for students enrolled for various courses. Our placement support entertains students to crack any interviews by precise mock interview preps. You’ll be able to work according to recruiting industry condition and comfortably accomplish your splendid career. Invest in your career success with DevOps Training in Bangalore , mastering the art of efficient software development and operations synergy. Elevate your IT skills with cutting-edge Devops Training in Whitefield . unlock career opportunities with hands-on Devops Training in Whitefield.

    Our Institute was setting up in the year 2015 by a grouping of IT veterans with the aim to provide world-class IT Training. We are dynamically present in the training sector for more than a decade. Accelerate your IT success with focused DevOps Training in Bangalore. Immerse, transform, conquer the cloud & agile practices with DevOps Training in Bangalore.

    Learn More Technologies provide many suitable mode of training to the students like
    • Classroom Training
    • Live Instructor Online Training
    • Customized Training
    • One-One Training.

    Transform your skill set with dedicated DevOps Training in Bangalore. Upskill with our powerful DevOps training in Bangalore. 

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