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Tableau is one of the top data analytics and business intelligence tools available. In this course, we initiate you to this powerful, market-leading tool and get you started building your very own visualizations.

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We provide the important training with the industry experts real-time trainers in their appropriate domain of experience, we are responsibility of doing this from a long-ago of 5 years, a collection of teams to full fill your guidance needs, flexible timings, we are promised to do 100% placement support for you to get a profession.
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1 hr free live interaction class are available, one on one session to clarify all your doubts.

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Batch size max 4 – 5 so that trainer can easily concentrate on all

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Trainer profile

Certified trainers having 8 years of work experience in IT domain, with relevant field

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Course completion certificate will provide at the end of the course.

About the course

What is Tableau ?

Data Visualization is a method/effort to better understand the data by representing it pictorially. It can contain a lot of trends, patterns, correlation. Visualizing the data can carry many insights that go undetected/unseen and can be possible with Business intelligence tools. On such tool is Tableau, which is an increasingly trendy technology for data analysis and is being adopted by major organizations. The tool facilitates intricate computations, data processing, and dashboarding to make stunning visualizations that offer insights that can not be extracted conveniently from a device.

What are the advantages of using Tableau?

The use of data in daily activities of organizations and businesses is a holistic effort, so BI tools such as Tableau are used. The advantages below are real performances, which exhibit Tableau in reality.

  • Ease for Implementation
  • To build interactive visualizations
  • To handle massive amounts of data
  • Mobile Support was provided
  • For data-driven business decisions
  • To responsive Dashboard
  • For powerful Computation
  • For best User experience
  • It provides Quick Insights.

Tableau Training Course Objectives

  • Accepting why Tableau is a better analytical tool compared to others
  • To know how to create pie charts, bar charts, and line graphs using Tableau
    For experiencing practical learnings by filtering, sorting, pivoting, slicing, and graphing data using Tableau Public which is a free version of the visualization tool
  • To detect geographic detection with ease by learning the art of mapping data
  • To understand the statistical metrics like R-squared and p-value and create trendlines
  • To combine numerous data sources into one using blends, joins, relationships, and unions
  • With the help of conditional logic, and study to create calculated fields
  • To combine multiple worksheets and create a dynamic dashboard for a better understanding
  • To predict better and create forecasts with accounting for seasonal variability
  • To perform visual analysis without any hiccups
  • For understanding the patterns and features of Tableau inside-out

Benefits of doing Tableau Training & Certification

  • A tableau certified professional Claims the skill of applicants in diverse fields of market analysis
  • Prove the practical awareness and skills of a market analyst and illustrate them
  • Gives you worldwide experience as a certified technical analyst
  • To Fill up your portfolio with a certificate to let your community stick out
  • To Support you get even more Job demands, and higher pay is given.

Prerequisites to learn Tableau Training

  • You should have a basic familiarity of using Excel to have an idea about data analytics
  • You have Tableau software installed on your workstation
  • To Understand how to operate on your Mac/Windows OS is a must
  • To Clear all the preconceived notions you have heard about Tableau
  • You should have a learning mindset and grit to improve your career and a few basic SQL insights would certainly add an advantage

Skills Covered in Tableau Training

  • Basics of Data Comprehension
  • For data Modelling & Transformation
  • For math & Statistical Analysis
  • For Analytical & Visualization Skills
  • To Filtering, Sorting and Grouping
  • To tableau Software Suite

About Tableau Training Course in Bangalore

With our Tableau Certification course in Bangalore you’ll learn about Tableau which is an adaptive information handing out the tool that enables you to render bright and competent representations of the style of display panels, workbooks and collect market expertise for organization’s developments. In this Tableau Training and Placement in Bangalore, you’ll focus on real-time project and actions that have a vast effect on real-world market issues, allowing you to track your job easily.

Tableau training in Marathahalli

Yes we provide Tableau training in Marathahalli training with other doing courses such as, DevOps, Aws Cloud services, Python,Ios, Selenium, Linux, Hadoop, Java And so on, all are our trainers are having major experience in such field, all the classes having a record session with individual score and much more, for every batch 4 – 5 peoples will be there so that the trainer can concentrate on all the students.

Our Talented Tableau Certified Industrial Trainers

  • The trainers are experienced and available even offline after sessions for any questions
  • Mentors will help you tableau data visualization tools and upskilling techniques, which is an insightful profession choice
  • They’re corporate trainers with wide skill and assist you 100% practical knowledge in Tableau
  • They assist you Get hired with Oracle, SAP, EMC, Amazon and many other companies through tableau certification
  • Trainers will provide demanding Classroom and Online training Sessions with job assistance as well
  • They help you master Tableau to come up with convincing BI reporting and data visualization skills and take up high-paying jobs
  • They provide committed project mentoring sessions with real-time Industry projects along with simulations, learning support
  • They’re Highly talented, capable Certified technical trainers and tableau Subject Matter experts
  • They’re genuinely trained teachers who support you with any move you take up to your profession.

Benefits of Tableau Training in Bangalore with Placements

Learn Tableau Training Course in Bangalore. All our trainers are well-known professionals who provide practical teaching. We teach from start to end here. Our trainers meet your ideas in real-time through top Tableau Course in Bangalore, alongside create a professional environment. We offer sample direct projects, materials, and explanation of real-time scenarios, interview skills in Tableau training.

  • To complete LIVE project explanation for tableau courses in Bangalore
  • For tableau hands-on training and exercises along with End to End Workshops
  • Help for Job assistance and placement assistance, resume preparation help
  • Finest Course Content and project scenarios on the tableau
  • To get a certification adhering with your competencies.

Skills Enhancements

Tableau open up the doors to many golden opportunity in the field ofdata analytics. Once you register in our complete Tableau data visualization course, you’ll enhance your skills vastly. Here are some of the crucial skills you’ll learn:• You’ll be bright to represent your data reports more creativity and effectively.• You’ll understand the significance of data visuals in data analytics.

Average Salary

Tableau is one of the important data visualization tools most companies use to track, analyze, and represent their data more clearly and attractively. This helps decision-makers to make well-informed decision for improved business outcomes.The demand is huge, so companies propose top packages to hire the best talent. Here are some of the average salaries yearly based on Tableau skills. Fresher Data Analyst: ₹6,00,000 – ₹10,00,000Senior Data Analyst: ₹12,00,000 – ₹20,00,000

What are the Responsibilities of a Tableau Professional?

  • There are many duties you need to fulfill being a Tableau professional. Checkout the most important ones below:
  • You need to handle and analyze data in the most effective way possible
  • Add creativity while create visual reports that help decision-makers to make knowledgeable decisions
  • To map the data set swiftly and effectively
  • To Create different charts, graphs, and lines in a modern manner
  • To keep yourself updated with all the newest and best industry practices to keep pace with the changes trendsand introduction of new technologies
  • For managing Tableau server and big data
  • For handling SQL queries
  • For maintaining and designing dashboards
  • For noticing patterns and useful insights

Quick Enquiry

    Tableau Course Syllabus

    Tableau Course Syllabus

    • Introduction to Tableau and an overview of the different versions
    • Installing Tableau Desktop
    • Tableau Help and online resources

    • Understanding Tableau User Interface
    • Exploring Tableau File Types
    • Understanding Green and Blue Pills
    • Working with Available Data Sources
    • Working with extracts instead of live connections

    • Working with Excel Data Interpreter
    • Understanding Metadata and sharing data source connections
    • Filtering data from your d
    • Learning how to Split the fields
    • Pivoting Data

    • The Show Me Feature
    • Crosstabs and Heat Maps
    • Using Bar, Stacked Bar and Side-by-side Bars
    • Pie Charts
    • Line and Area Charts
    • Working with Packed Bubble
    • Using Tree maps
    • Creating a Basic Scatter Plot
    • Creating a Basic Maps

    • Introduction to Calculations (this will explain the various flavours of calculations and the
    mechanics of calculations)
    • Understanding Basics calculations
    • Understanding String Calculations
    • Learning about Boolean, If-Then calculations, and Case statements
    • Understanding the Basics of Date Calculations
    • Understanding Aggregation and Disaggregation
    • Using calculations to add insight to your visualizations

    • Introduction to Mapping in Tableau
    • Create a standard map view
    • Dealing with map errors
    • Customizing a standard map view
    • Using filters in maps
    • Quiz

    • Introduction to Dashboards
    • Understanding Dashboard Actions
    • Understanding Dashboard formatting basics
    • Understanding Workbook level formatting (i.e. font styling, titles, lines)
    • Assembling Your Dashboards Into A Story

    • Focusing on the narrative
    • Using colour with a purpose
    • Understanding the importance of using tooltips for your audience
    • Using a Parameter To Focus the Audience’s Attention
    • Removing clutter in your Dashboard
    • How to export your dashboard to another file type


    • MYSQL Server Basics
    • Database models
    • ER Model Overview
    • Data types
    • Understanding Test Database
    • Basics Queries
    • Removing Duplicates
    • Data Filters Using Operators
    • Data Sorting
    • Grouping
    • Joints
    • Arithmetic and String functions
    • Advanced Functions
    • SET Operators
    • Creating Complex Queries
    • DML operations – Insert, Update & Delete
    • TSQL
    • Database Objects – Create, Alter and Drop Tables
    • Views
    • Complex Views
    • Indexes
    • Advanced Indexes Concepts
    • How Data is Stored
    • Security – User Management
    • Cursors
    • Nested Cursors
    • Functions
    • Procedures
    • Interoperability between Functions & Procedures


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    You obtain an opportunity to work across industry like aerospace, electronics, telecom, banking, IT, marketing & more.
    Power BI is a business analytics tool used to build data visualizations for the improvements in the business forefronts.
    Yes, our experts will provide placement assistance and support to assist you in receiving placed in the right job role.
    Yes, we provide fast track batches are available for those willing to learn the course as quick as possible.
    • Tableau Desktop – $100 to $600
      Tableau Server – $250 to $800.
    • To ease of Implementation
    • To build interactive visualizations
    • To handle massive amounts of data
    • For Mobile Support
    • For data-driven business decisions
    Power Pivot is an add-on provided by Microsoft for Excel since 2010. Power Pivot was planned to extend the analytical capabilities and services of Microsoft Excel.
    Power Pivot is an add-on provided by Microsoft for Excel since 2010. Power Pivot was planned to extend the analytical capabilities and services of Microsoft Excel.

    Learn More Technologies gives many suitable modes of training to the students like

    • Classroom Training
    • Live Instructor Online Training
    • Modified Training
    • 1-1 Training.
    Get Data is a easy icon on Power BI used to import data from the source.