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    Tableau training in Marathahalli

    Choosing to enroll at Learn More Technologies in Bangalore stands as an excellent career move for those aiming to become proficient Tableau Developers. This training program equips students with a comprehensive understanding of various Tableau application concepts, enabling them to efficiently manage and implement them. Located in Bangalore, the Tableau training program emphasizes hands-on practices, ensuring students not only grasp theoretical knowledge but also master practical technical concepts.

    • Easy Online Learning Platform
    • 98% Course Completitation Rates
    • Friendly Enviroments & Teachers
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    Why to choose us?

    Your premier destination for Tableau training in Bangalore. At Learn More Technologies, we understand the importance of comprehensive Tableau education, and that’s why our Tableau training in Bangalore stands out. Our expert instructors are dedicated to providing you with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in data visualization and business intelligence. When you choose Learn More Technologies, you’re not just enrolling in a course; you’re investing in a transformative learning experience. Join us at Learn More Technologies, where Tableau training in Bangalore reaches new heights. Learn More Technologies is not just a training center; it’s your gateway to unlocking the full potential of Tableau. Choose Learn More Technologies for Tableau training in Bangalore and empower yourself with the tools for a thriving career in data analytics and visualization.

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    What is Tableau

    Tableau is among the leading tools favored by major companies for data visualization and business intelligence purposes. It empowers users to craft interactive and shareable dashboards, which depict data trends, variations, and density in a visually appealing format. Companies like Amazon, LinkedIn, and Walmart use Tableau for their data analytics and visualization needs. Tableau excels in domains such as financial analysis, market research, and strategic planning.

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    What are the advantages of using Tableau?

    The use of data in daily activities of organizations and businesses is a holistic effort, so BI tools such as Tableau are used. The advantages below are real performances, which exhibit Tableau in reality.

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    Tableau Training Course Objectives

    • Accepting why Tableau is a better analytical tool compared to others
    • To know how to create pie charts, bar charts, and line graphs using Tableau
      Experience hands-on learning by filtering, sorting, pivoting, slicing, and graphing data using Tableau Public, which is a free version of the visualization tool.
    • To detect geographic detection with ease by learning the art of mapping data
    • To understand the statistical metrics like R-squared and p-value and create trendlines
    • To combine numerous data sources into one using blends, joins, relationships, and unions
    • With the help of conditional logic, and study to create calculated fields
    • To combine multiple worksheets and create a dynamic dashboard for a better understanding
    • To predict better and create forecasts with accounting for seasonal variability
    • To perform visual analysis without any hiccups
    • For understanding the patterns and features of Tableau inside-out

    Benefits of doing Tableau Training & Certification

    • 100% Placement Support in Top MNC Companies like TCS, CTS, Wipro, Google, Flipkart, Amazon.
    • Trainers will help you to plan a resume according to your skill set and experience.

    • In this class, you will acquire both fundamental and advanced techniques on Tableau tools.

    • Separate sessions for Freshers and Experienced Candidates.

    • In-Depth Tableau course outline.
    • Project Support following the Course Completion.

    Classroom Training

    • Interactive Classroom Training Sessions
    • More than 40+ Hrs of Practical Learning
    • Delivered by MNC Working Professionals
    • Real time AWS Services and Projects
    • AWS Certification Assistance will be given
    • Excellent Classrooms Infrastructure
    • 100 % Job Placement assistance for all the courses.
    • Four to five students per batch.
    • Doubts will be cleared in real-time experiences.

    Online Training

    • Interactive Zoom or Skype live Training Sessions
    • More than 40+ Hrs of Practical Learning
    • Delivered by MNC Working Professionals
    • Real time AWS Services and Projects
    • AWS Certification Assistance will be given
    • Life time Access to Recorded Sessions.
    • 100 % Job Placement assistance for all the courses.
    • Doubt Clearing Sessions will be valid.
    • Regular assignments will be given and tasks as well.

    Prerequisites to learn Tableau Training

    Skills Covered in Tableau Training

    Learm with Us

    Tableau Training in Bangalore

    In Bangalore, we provide training in Tableau as well as other popular courses like DevOps, AWS Cloud Services, Selenium, Linux, Java, and others. Our instructors have significant expertise in their domains. Every session is captured and includes evaluations to guarantee thorough understanding. With a limited batch size of 4 to 5 participants, our trainers can provide personalized attention, ensuring optimal learning outcomes for every student for Tableau training in Bangalore.

    Trainer Profile for Tableau Training in Bangalore

    • Experience: Over 7 years of experience.

    • Student Reach: Have taught over 2000 students in a single year.

    • Knowledge: Possess strong theoretical and practical knowledge.
    • Expertise: Experts in subject matter and advanced proficiency in real-world industry applications.

    • Projects: Trainers excel in multiple real-time projects within their respective industries.

    Classroom Training

    • Engage in interactive classroom training sessions.
    • Benefit from over 40 hours of hands-on learning.
    • Taught by professionals employed in multinational corporations.
    • Engage in real-time Tableau projects and data visualization exercises.
    • Receive assistance for Tableau certification.
    • Enjoy top-notch classroom infrastructure.
    • Receive 100% job placement assistance for all courses.
    • Experience small batches with four to five students.
    • Have doubts cleared with real-time experiences.

    Online Training

    • Engage in interactive live training sessions via Zoom or Skype.
    • Gain from over 40 hours of immersive practical learning.
    • Taught by professionals employed in multinational corporations.
    • Participate in real-time Tableau projects and data visualization exercises.
    • Receive assistance for Tableau certification.
    • Gain lifetime access to recorded sessions.
    • Receive 100% job placement assistance for all courses.
    • Take advantage of doubt-clearing sessions.
    • Complete regular assignments and tasks.
    • If you need any further modifications, feel free to let me know!

    Benefits of Tableau training in Marathahalli with Placements

    Tableau training in Marathahalli. All our trainers are well-known professionals who provide practical teaching. We teach from start to end here. Our trainers meet your ideas in real-time through Tableau training in Marathahalli, alongside create a professional environment. We offer sample direct projects, materials, and explanation of real-time scenarios, interview skills in Tableau training. Transform data into actionable insights with our Tableau training in Marathahalli – hands-on learning for effective business intelligence solutions.

    • Become a Data Visualization Pro: Leverage Tableau for creating powerful visualizations with Tableau training in Bangalore.
    • Bridge the Data Gap: Learn Tableau in Bangalore for efficient data analysis and manipulation.

    • From Data to Insight: Master Tableau training in Bangalore for transforming raw data into actionable insights.

    • Unleash Your Analytical Skills: Master Tableau training in Bangalore and build innovative visualizations.

    • Level Up Your Skillset: Learn Tableau training in Bangalore and become a valuable asset in the data-driven world.
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    Learn More Technologies

    Tableau Training in Bangalore

    Tableau training in Bangalore will make you a specialist in data visualization and business intelligence using Tableau. This course will help you master creating impactful dashboards and visualizations for various industries like e-commerce, healthcare, and education domains. Learn Tableau for Finance, Geo analysis, Data Science, web scraping, Machine Learning, AI, and Deep Learning from the basic to advanced level. Enroll in Tableau training in Marathahalli and gain expertise in data analysis by mastering data blending, data extraction, and Tableau Server, supplemented with sample projects to enhance your career prospects with Tableau training in Bangalore.


    Skills Enhancements

    Tableau open up the doors to many golden opportunity in the field ofdata analytics. Once you register in our complete Tableau data visualization course, you’ll enhance your skills vastly. Here are some of the crucial skills you’ll learn:

    • You’ll be bright to represent your data reports more creativity and effectively.
    • You’ll understand the significance of data visuals in data analytics. Tableau training in Marathahalli.

    What are the Responsibilities of a Tableau Professional?

    Tableau Syllabus

    Section 1: Getting Started With Tableau course

    • Introduction to Tableau and an overview of the different versions
    •  Installing Tableau Desktop
    •  Tableau Help and online resources

    Understanding Tableau

    • Understanding Tableau User Interface
    •  Exploring Tableau File Types
    •  Understanding Green and Blue Pills
    •  Working with Available Data Sources
    •  Working with extracts instead of live connections

    Section 3: Deep Diving With Data And Connections

    •  Working with Excel Data Interpreter
    •  Understanding Metadata and sharing data source connections
    •  Filtering data from your d
    •  Learning how to Split the fields
    •  Pivoting Data

    Section 4: Creating Charts

    • The Show Me Feature
    •  Crosstabs and Heat Maps
    •  Using Bar, Stacked Bar and Side-by-side Bars
    •  Pie Charts
    •  Line and Area Charts
    •  Working with Packed Bubble
    •  Using Tree maps
    •  Creating a Basic Scatter Plot
    •  Creating a Basic Maps

    Section 5: Adding Calculations To Your Workbook

    •  Introduction to Calculations (this will explain the various flavours of calculations and the
      mechanics of calculations)
    •  Understanding Basics calculations
    •  Understanding String Calculations
    •  Learning about Boolean, If-Then calculations, and Case statements
    •  Understanding the Basics of Date Calculations
    •  Understanding Aggregation and Disaggregation
    •  Using calculations to add insight to your visualizations

    Section 6: Mapping Data In Tableau

    • Introduction to Mapping in Tableau
    •  Create a standard map view
    •  Dealing with map errors
    •  Customizing a standard map view
    •  Using filters in maps
    •  Quiz

    Section 7: Dashboards And Stories

    •  Introduction to Dashboards
    •  Understanding Dashboard Actions
    •  Understanding Dashboard formatting basics
    •  Understanding Workbook level formatting (i.e. font styling, titles, lines)
    •  Assembling Your Dashboards Into A Story

    Section 8: Visualizations For An Audience

    • Focusing on the narrative
    •  Using colour with a purpose
    •  Understanding the importance of using tooltips for your audience
    • Using a Parameter To Focus the Audience’s Attention
    •  Removing clutter in your Dashboard
    •  How to export your dashboard to another file type

    SQL Syllabus

    • MYSQL Server Basics
    • Database models
    • ER Model Overview
    • Data types
    • Understanding Test Database
    • Basics Queries
    • Removing Duplicates
    • Data Filters Using Operators
    • Data Sorting
    • Grouping
    • Joints
    • Arithmetic and String functions
    • Advanced Functions
    • SET Operators
    • Creating Complex Queries
    • DML operations – Insert, Update & Delete
    • TSQL
    • Database Objects – Create, Alter and Drop Tables
    • Views
    • Complex Views
    • Indexes
    • Advanced Indexes Concepts
    • How Data is Stored
    • Security – User Management
    • Cursors
    • Nested Cursors
    • Functions
    • Procedures
    • Interoperability between Functions & Procedures

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Tableau Course

    Tableau is ideal for anyone interested in data analysis, business intelligence, or visual storytelling with data. It is beneficial for analysts, data scientists, business professionals, and anyone working with data.

    There are no strict prerequisites for learning Tableau. However, having a basic understanding of data concepts and familiarity with databases can be helpful.

    Many Tableau courses offer lifetime access to course materials, including video lectures, exercises, and projects, allowing you to review and reinforce your learning.

    Yes definitely, All students from Learn More Technologies get either hard copy or soft copy of the course completion certificate with AWS Training in Bangalore.

    Yes, Tableau supports integration with various data sources and tools such as databases, spreadsheets, cloud platforms (like AWS and Azure), and programming languages like Python and R.

    Tableau enables businesses to gain insights from data quickly, visualize trends and patterns, make data-driven decisions, and communicate findings effectively across the organization.

    Tableau certification can enhance your credibility as a Tableau professional and improve your job prospects. It authenticates your proficiency and expertise in utilizing Tableau effectively.

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