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    Enrolling in Learn More Technologies in Marathahalli will be one of the good profession choices for Javascript Developer aspirants to know more about core concepts. The training will inspire students with a sound facts of the variety of applications concepts that will help them to control and work with us proficiently. The training program includes wide-ranging hands-on practices for students in detail look up their technical information so that they finally attain knowledge in both theory as well as technical concepts.

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JavaScript (also known as JS) is a high level, dynamic, prototype-based scripting language which can be used as one of the three core technologies for World Wide Web. It is used to create webpages interactive and provide even online games. It was so trendy that all modern web browsers support it due to in-built JavaScript engine. At first it was used in client-side (Front-end) in web browsers but now it is used in server-side programs also such as web servers and databases. With current developments, JS is used in non-web programs also such as word processors and PDF. JavaScript has  only some similarities with Java such as language name and syntax but JS was subjective by programming languages such as Self and Scheme.

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Why do we Need JavaScript?

Whether you plan to focus in front-end, back-end, or full-stack development, JavaScript is a key programming language for any web developer. Without JavaScript, we wouldn’t have the dynamic and interactive web pages that have been developed into the standard user experience we all know, love, and rely on.

Is JavaScript Used for Front-End or Back-End?

Javascript is a client-side language, which exactly makes it a front-end language. But with the Node.js framework, JavaScript can too be used in the back-end. Using JavaScript across the whole stack, for both front-end and back-end, is an tremendous practice because it creates a cohesive application. When as much code as probable is all in the same language, it makes it easier to maintain, manage, update, and build with a single team.

When it’s used for front-end, JavaScript makes web pages dynamic and interactive. It validate submission forms, updates certain pieces of content on the page without updating the entire page, shows and hides menus, and displays animations. When it’s used for back-end, the Node.js framework allow a server to handle front-end data updates and build scalable network applications to process real-time user requests.

Features of JavaScript

  • It will work on all types of operating systems e.g. Mac, Windows, Linux, etc.


    Both the Front and back ends can be implement with JavaScript.


    JavaScript has a range of libraries and frameworks like ReactJs, AngularJs, ExpressJs, etc. that give leverage to the developers to add different attributes to the apps and websites.

  •  It gets reorganized on a yearly basis. The most updated version so far is ES6 (ECMAScript 6).


    It’s a very fast and competent programming language.

  •  Most developers find JS easy to find out the language and it has a very good scope of landing a job.

What are the uses of JavaScript?

Applications of Javascript

Let’s argue about the applications of JavaScript. Some of the applications of JavaScript are in place of in the following image.

Web Applications

Web Applications

  • As day-by-day there is a continuous development in the browsers, so JavaScript gained recognition for making robust web applications. We can realize it by taking the case of Google Maps. In Maps user just required to click and drag the mouse; the details are clear just by a click. There is a use of JavaScript behind these concepts.

Web Development

JavaScript is generally used for creating web pages. It allow us to add dynamic behavior to the webpage and add unique effects to the webpage. On websites, it is mainly used for validation purposes. JavaScript helping us to execute complex actions and also allow the contact of websites with visitors. Using JavaScript, it is also expected to load the content in a document without reloading the webpage.

Mobile Applications

Now a day’s mobile devices are usually used for accessing the internet. Using JavaScript, we can also make an application for non-web contexts. The features and applications of JavaScript make it a powerful tool for creating mobile applications. The React Native is the in general used JavaScript framework for creating mobile applications. Using React Native, we can create mobile applications for different operating systems. We do not need writing unlike codes for the iOS and Android operating systems. We just require to write it once and run it on different platforms.


  1. Now a day’s mobile devices are usually used for accessing the internet. Using JavaScript, we can also make an application for non-web contexts. The features and applications of JavaScript make it a powerful tool for creating mobile applications. The React Native is the in general used JavaScript framework for creating mobile applications. Using React Native, we can create mobile applications for different operating systems. We do not need writing unlike codes for the iOS and Android operating systems. We just require to write it once and run it on different platforms.


  1. JavaScript also helps us to make presentations as a website. The libraries, such as RevealJs, and BespokeJs, can be used to make a web-based slide deck. They are easier to use, so we can just make something amazing in a short time.

    The Reveal.js is used to make interactive and beautiful slide decks with the help of HTML. These presentations efforts great with mobile devices and tablets. It also supports for all of the CSS color formats. The BespokeJS  including animated bullet lists, responsive scaling, and a wide variety of features.

Server Applications

A huge number of web applications have a server-side into it. JavaScript is used to make content and handle HTTP requests. JavaScript can also sprint on servers through Node.js. The Node.js provide an environment containing the necessary tools required for JavaScript to run on servers.

Web Servers

A web server can be formed by by means of Node.js. Node.js is event-driven and not wait for the reply of the previous call. The servers formed using Node.js are quick and don’t use buffering and transfer chunks of data. The HTTP module can be use to generate the server by using the createServer() method. This method perform when someone tries to access the port 8080. As a reply, the HTTP server should show HTML and should be included in the HTTP header.

JavaScript has a selection of other uses that help us to progress the performance of webpages. The other uses of JavaScript are listed as follows:

  • Client-side validation.
  • Displaying date and time.
  • To validate the user input previous to submission of the form.
  • Open and close new windows options.
  • To show dialog boxes and pop-up windows.
  • To modify the appearance of HTML documents.
  • To create the forms that act in response to user input without access the server.
Trainer Profile of Javascript Training
  • More than 7+ years of industrial Experience.
  • Trainer taught more than 1000+students in an extremely year.
  • Strong abstract & Practical Knowledge in this field.
  • Expert Professionals with High position.
  • Expert level Subject Knowledge and fully highly developed on real-world industry applications.
  • Trainers are expert on multiple real-time projects in their Industries.
Javascript training in Marathahalli

Yes we do Javascript training in Marathahalli training with other trending course such as, DevOps, Aws Cloud services, Angular Js, Linux, Java And so on, all are our trainers are having linked knowledge in such field, so all the classes having a recorded session with being scored and much more, per batch 4 – 5 peoples will be suitable so that the trainer can give the interest on all the students.


The main use of JavaScript is to build web-based applications. Some of what JavaScript can do for the web including: adding interactive behavior to web pages like zooming in and out or playing audio/video. creating web and mobile apps, the most famous examples consists of the likes of Netflix and Uber.

Who generally uses JavaScript?

Python web development responds little slower than JavaScript web development, but JavaScript web apps code better, function quicker and manage a lot more data. Due to the asynchronous programming  capabilities of the Node. js frameworks, which provide high-end scalability to the apps, JavaScript excelled in this area.

Javascript is the one of the most popular programming language in the world and is in high demand among various organizations in current situations.

  • Advantages of JavaScript
  • Its Speed.
  • It reduces load on the server.
  • Its ease of use.
  • Rich Interface.
  • Versatility.
  • Extended functionality.
  • Interoperability.
  • Popularity.

What kind of training are you providing?

We can offer 1-1 training, fast track training, online training, classroom training. Classroom Training, Live Online Brush up Sessions, E-Learning Access training etc.

Yes, Learn More specialize in support each and every valued person with the placement assistance and 100 percent support. After you have trained and know-how to master all technological and life skills effectively with us, we will hand over you with mock interview before you are put. Our only aim is to make you officially strong and achieve your career vision of working in a obvious multinational corporation.

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Course Completion Certificate after the training can provide

  • All our students will obtain course completion certificate from Learn More Technologies
  • Also at the end of the course, Learn More Technologies will conduct a examination which is prepared by our IT professional. whoever scores more than 80% on the exam he will turn out to be a Learn More Technologies Certified Professional.
  • This certificate will assist students to showcase themselves while presence interviews.

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