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                            Enrolling in Learn More Technologies in Marathahalli will be one of the good career choices for React Js Developer aspirants to recognize more about core concepts. The training will inculcate students with a sound facts of the variety of applications concepts that will help them to control and work with us capably. The training program includes wide-ranging hands-on practices for students to comprehensively look up their technical information so they conclusively attain knowledge in both theory as well as technical concepts.

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ReactJS, or simply React, is a popular open-source JavaScript library for building user interfaces (UIs) and single-page applications. It was introduced by Facebook and is now maintained by both Facebook and a community of individual developers and companies.

React allows developers to create reusable UI components that can be used across different parts of an application, which is making easier to build and maintain complex UIs. It uses a declarative approach, meaning that developers simply describe the desired UI and React takes care of updating the actual UI as needed, based on changes to the underlying data.

One of the key features of React is its virtual DOM (Document Object Model), which is a lightweight representation of the actual DOM. React updates the virtual DOM instead of the actual DOM, which results in faster and more efficient updates to the UI.

React can be used with other technologies and libraries, and is often used with state management libraries such as Redux or MobX. It is widely used by web developers, and has a large and active community which is giving support for resources and tools.

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Why We use ReactJs

ReactJS is used for several reasons

Efficient development: React enables developers to build complex UIs with ease by using a component-based architecture. This allows for code reusability and easier maintenance, making development faster and more efficient.

Improved performance: React’s virtual DOM makes it faster than traditional web applications because it minimizes the number of times the actual DOM has to be updated, resulting in a smoother user experience.

Large community and ecosystem: React has a vast community of developers and users who share resources, tools, and knowledge, making it easier for developers to get started and solve problems.

Compatibility with other technologies: React can be used with other libraries and technologies, including Redux for state management as well React Native for mobile app development, and GraphQL for data management.

SEO-friendly: React enables server-side rendering, which improve a good performance and SEO of web applications.

Open-source and free: React is an open-source and free library, which means that developers can use and contribute to it without any cost.

Overall, React provides a powerful toolset for building modern and efficient web applications, and it is a popular choice among web developers.

ReactJS job Responsibilities

As a ReactJS developer, your responsibilities may include:

Developing user-friendly and adeptly web applications using ReactJS.

Building reusable React components and libraries for future use.

Design responsive web designs using CSS and other front-end technologies.

Work with the back-end developer to combine front-end components with the server-side logic.

Debugging and resolving issues related to ReactJS and other front-end technologies.

Writing clean and efficient code while following coding standards and best practices.

Conducting code reviews and providing the feedback to other developers.

Collaborating in the design and architecture discussions for new projects and features.

Building and maintaining the technical documentation for ReactJS code and projects.

Aware up-to-date with new trends and technologies in the front-end development world, and continuously improving your skills and knowledge.

Application which uses ReactJS

Single-page applications (SPAs): ReactJS is commonly used to create SPAs that provide a seamless user experience by loading content dynamically without the need for page reload. we can use React to update the DOM (Document Object Model) in response to user actions, without requiring a server roundtrip.

Mobile applications: React Native, a framework that is based on ReactJS, can be used to build mobile applications for iOS and Android platform.

E-commerce websites: ReactJS can be used to build complex e-commerce websites that require a high degree of interactivity and instantaneous update.

Dashboards and data visualizations: ReactJS can be used to create interactive dashboards and data visualizations that give real-time data updates

Content management system : ReactJS can be used to create custom CMS interfaces that enable non-technical users to manage a website.

Trainer Profile of React Js Training

  • More than 7+ years of Experience.
  • Trainer taught more than 1000+students in an exceedingly
  • Strong abstract & Practical Knowledge in this domain.
  • Skilled Professionals with High position.
  • Expert level Subject Knowledge and fully highly developed on real-world industry applications.
  • Trainers are proficient on multiple real-time projects in their Industries.

React Js training in Marathahalli

Yes we do react js training in Marathahalli training with other trending courses such as, DevOps, Aws Cloud services, Angular Js, Linux, Java And so on, all are our trainers are having related knowledge in such field, so all the classes having a recorded session with being scored and much more, per batch 4 – 5 peoples will be convenient so that the trainer can give the attention on all the students.

Company Uses React Js –There are many companies that use ReactJS as their primary frontend framework for building web applications. Some of the notable companies include:

Facebook: As the creators of ReactJS, it’s no surprise that Facebook uses it extensively for their own web applications, such as and

Netflix: ReactJS is used by Netflix for their user interface and is a critical part of their streaming service.

Airbnb: ReactJS is used by Airbnb for their website and mobile app, helping to power their booking platform and search functionality.

Dropbox: ReactJS is used by Dropbox for their web application, making it easy for users to navigate and interact with their files and folders.

Uber: ReactJS is used by Uber for their web application, helping to power their ride-hailing platform and other services.

Atlassian: ReactJS is used by Atlassian for their web applications, including Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket.

Microsoft: ReactJS is used by Microsoft for their web applications, including their Office Suite and Xbox Live.

Pinterest: ReactJS is used by Pinterest for their web application, making it easy for users to search and save images and other content.

Twitter: ReactJS is used by Twitter for their web application, helping to power their social media platform and real-time updates.

These are just a few examples of companies that use ReactJS, but many other organizations also use it for their web development needs.


React is an analytical, efficient and flexible JavaScript library for creating user affiliations. ReactJS is accountable only for viewing the application layer; it is an open-source front-end library that is totally dependent relative on elements. Basically, it emboldens the formation of feasible UI components that show the data and vary as time passes. People use React as the “V”, which really denotes MVC. However, because of React, the programming model becomes easier and gives enhanced performance.. Facebook introduce ReactJS, and it was urbanized by them also.

Moreover, since ReactJS is developed, Facebook has been repeatedly working on flaws and disclosing new features. However, ReactJS is a part of JavaScript. Thus, to find superiority and career opportunities in ReactJS, you must also know JavaScript.

Many biggest IT firms and medium-sized organizations also look for engineers who can hit the ground running, and knowledge commonly used frameworks such as React.js prepares you for that.

They are industry experts with rich knowledge in web designing. This React js training in Bangalore has been designed by top faculty of Learn More Technologies panel of industry experts, to give learners a exclusive opportunity of learning both academic concepts & industry related skills in a single form.

  • Anyone who is looking for a career in this web designing and development can enroll in this course.

Our objectives based in the success of our students to expand industry-relevant development skills through our react.js courses in Bangalore.

  • Our objectives based in the success of our students to expand industry-relevant development skills through our react.js courses in Bangalore.

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Course Completion Certificate after the training can provide

  • All our students will obtain course completion certificate from Learn More Technologies
  • Also at the end of the course, Learn More Technologies will conduct a examination which is prepared by our IT professional. whoever scores more than 80% on the exam he will turn out to be a Learn More Technologies Certified Professional.
  • This certificate will assist students to showcase themselves while presence interviews.

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