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Python Training in Bangalore

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Enrolling in Learn More Technologies in Bangalore will be one of the good career choices for Python Developer aspirants to recognize more about programming concepts in python. The training will inculcate students with a sound facts of all the various python applications concepts that will help them to control and work with us efficiently. The training program includes extensive hands-on practices for students to comprehensively improve their technical information so they conclusively attain expertise in both theory as well as technical concepts.

What is Python ?

Python is one of the popular and most crucial high-level programming language utilized for software development, web development, system scripting, and mathematics.
There are two most important factors why we have to use Python is software quality and developer productivity. It’s normally used in a variety of domains like Web programming, Internet Scripting, database, numeric and scientific programming, Gaming thus it also known as a general-purpose language. The major technological strengths of this language are readability, easy to use, and learn, it’s free and supported object-oriented, it is convenient.

Python Training has dynamically typed language so every operation can be done on the fly. Python codes can be shipped or placed on the web more firmly as it execution involves Python Virtual Machine ( PVM ) and byte code compilation which is platform-independent. Python is a high-level language with features of object-oriented programming language.

Why Python ?

What Python can do?

Objectives of Python Training in Learn More Technologies.

Prerequesties of Python programming

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Overview Of The Python Training In Learn More Technologies

This course in Bangalore is perfect for beginners and experts alike. It follows a curated syllabus.

Python Training Key Features

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Assured Job Placement Programs

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Python Certification Assistance offered

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Over 40+ Hours Of Practical Based Learning.

Benefits of learning Python

Similar to Java, JavaScript, and Ruby, Python training will permit you to have beneficial career options in IT companies and even tech giants like Google. The applications written using Python countless and the most notable ones used for –

Related job roles

With guidance from a respected python training institute like Learn More Technologies, you can look at job opportunities in the following fields –

Some of the skills Covered In Python Programming

Why is Python So Popular?

The first reason is very simple to learn compared to Java or other programming languages. Other reasons are it has a huge community to support. Either you are a beginner or expert, there are a group of communities online to get help on Python programming.

It has several corporate sponsors like Facebook, Amazon, Google, etc. Just similar to Java is sponsored by Oracle. Python is used for Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Scripting and much added. And so the list goes on why Python is so popular.

Learn More Technologies is the most popular institute in Bangalore to study the most popular programming language Python.

Python Job Responsibilities

Python Course Syllabus

  • History of Python
  • Introduction
  • Starting with Python
  • Execute python script
  • Indentation
  • Data Types and Variables
  • Operators
  • Lists and Strings
  • List Manipulations
  • Shallow and Deep Copy
  • Dictionaries
  • Set and Frozensets
  • Tuple
  • Input from keyboard
  • If-else Block
  • Loops, While Loop
  • For Loop
  • Iterators and Iterables
  • Output with Print
  • String Modulo
  • Format Method
  • Introduction to Functions
  • Recursion and Recursive Functions
  • Parameter Passing in Functions
  • Namespaces
  • Global and Local Variables
  • Decorators
  • Read and Write Files
  • Modules
  • Packages
  • Regular Expressions
  • Lambda, Filter & Map Operators
  • List Comprehension
  • Iterators and Generators
  • Exception Handling
  • Tests, DocTests & UnitTests
  • Introduction
  • Class and Instance
  • Attributes
  • Properties v/s getters and setters
  • Inheritance
  • Abstract Classes
  • Multithreading
  • Memory Management
  • Logging Facility
  • Argument Parser
  • Invoking Sub process
  • Lincache, fnmatch etc.
  • Networking Automations, or
  • Django Web Framework, or
  • Numerical Data Analytics
  • Numpy
  • Pandas, or
  • Data Science Analytics
  • Web Scrapping & Crawling
  • Machine Learning, or
  • Automation Tooling

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Projects / Assignments

Adding custom number

To put things into perception, Python has previously been implemented in development projects pertaining to –

Registration and login page

Apart from this, with Python certification, one can easily secure any one of the following job roles in India or overseas and demand high pay scales from their employer –


Yes, compared to other programming languages, the computational time required for Python to crunch massive numerical calculations is pretty much high.
Python is a programming language that can be interpreted and compiled. It runs using a compiler and after that executed by an interpreter.

Python is used by some companies like

• Intel
• Pixar
• Netflix
• Facebook
• JP Morgan Chase
• Spotify and more!

Python was used to build up the following renowned applications – 

• Dropbox
• Instagram
• Amazon used Python for its recommendation engine
• Pinterest
• Quora
• Uber.

Yes, we can provide you the assistance for placement. we have a dedicated team for placement assistance.
  All our trainers are working professional having more than 8+ years of relevant industry experience.

Various applications of Python

To generate a web framework, User inputs two numbers and by press add button and the result displays on connective page all along with background colour with out changing from home page.

Registration and login page

To generate a  web framework, where user uses Register page, login page and register there name once u register user can login to page by username and password which is saved in database, login information collects from database and displays user home page. 

Our Placement Process

  • We have more than 200+ recruiter database who frequently hire fresh graduates.
  • Our Recruitment partners call us or email for the new job opportunity at first stage.
  • These new job openings are allocated to a our HR Recruitment staff who then select the available students form our training institute.
  • We contact the clients and completely evaluate the requirement.
  • Get accurate Job Description and Roles and Responsibilities.
  • Match with existing students
  • Get the latest CV from the students
  • Conduct telephonic interviews if required and then face to face interview with qualified students

Upcoming Batches

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Course Completion Certificate after the training can provide

  • All our students will obtain course completion certificate from Learn More Technologies
  • Also at the end of the course, Learn More Technologies will conduct a examination which is prepared by our IT professional. whoever scores more than 80% on the exam he will turn out to be a Learn More Technologies Certified Professional.
  • This certificate will assist students to showcase themselves while presence interviews.

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